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Tile Roofing


Tile Roofing & Repair

Tile roofing is a great choice for homeowners looking for longevity. Not only is the style very popular in the Valley, but concrete and clay tiles supply impressive durability. Though no material will last forever, tile roofing is extremely durable. Another benefit of tile roofing is the choice of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to add their own style when choosing tiles for their homes. Styles include concrete flat, concrete 'S' and sandcast with several color variations. Tile roofs can last up to 15 years, so the overall investment is low when the lifetime of the roof is considered.

Due to our strong storm season in the Valley, tile shingles can shift, come loose, and crack. We offer a tile roof repair service to quickly and easily make repairs to your roof. We can provide the best service in tile roof repair.

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Tile Roofing Benefits


• Designed for Long-Term Performance
• Variety of Colors and Styles
• Ease of Installation
• Requires Limited Maintenance
• Can Sustain High Winds
• Fire and Hail Resistance
• Environmentally Friendly
• Reflects Damaging Sunlight
• Natural Air Flow
• Energy Cost Saving